recording your podcast

I just read a blog by Carrie, a classmate of mine, and she shared a wealth of information on podcasting. One tip I got from her blog is that students need to have a complete script with them when recording. That seems obvious to us as adults, but I am sure that I will need to require the script as a graded assignments to help my 8th graders record efficiently. We don’t have time for every student to do 5 attempts at recording. I’m going to list recording steps from the Apple support site, with some extra information mixed in from me.

Directions for recording a podcast on a MAC (click here for PC instructions)

1) Make sure you have Garage Band software on your computer and a microphone connected (if your computer does not have a built-in mike)

2) Click on the + sign for a new track, and then choose “Real Instrument

3) Select the vocal setting that you want to use

4) Turn the gate on by clicking on “details” (the gate helps to eliminate noise when you are not speaking… which is good for the noisy classroom setting)

5) Connect headphones to the computer to reduce noice from the speakers in your recording.

6) This part was confusing for me, because there was a grand piano track above my vocal track that I couldn’t figure out how to remove. But I made sure to click on my vocal track so the red button was lit, and then a clicked on the red record button and started talking.

7) Save your file into iTunes (I made a folder called “My Podcasts” in iTunes so it would be easier to find later). Go to File –> then “Export to iTunes”. Once your file is in iTunes you can organize it into a folder if you want.